Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Trick Words

As a reminder, trick words are words that are phonetically irregular; they do not follow conventional spelling rules.  Children need to memorize the spelling of these words.  They cannot be tapped or sounded out.

Save this idea list to use all year.  These are ideas for you to practice at home.  We will do periodic check-ins with these words at school. 

Spelling Practice Activities

1.  Play “Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check.”

2.  Make flash cards for each word.

3.  Write your words 3 times each.

4.  Write out each word on sticky notes/cut up index cards (one letter on each card).  Mix up the letters and then fix the spelling.

5.  Spell out your words with Scrabble/Magnetic letters.

6.  Make word puzzles with graph paper (one letter in each box, sky and worm letters in two boxes.)

7.  Go to http://puzzlemaker.school.discovery.com/index.html and use your words to create and solve a puzzle of your choice.

8.  Write your words in shaving cream, sand, with sidewalk chalk, etc.

9.  Practice typing your words.

10. Make spelling pyramids.  Example: t

11. Take a practice spelling test.

12. Create your own activity.

Dinner time questions

Here is a great post! I have tried it at home with my kids for the last few school days and their answers are so interesting!

How were you brave today?
How were you kind today?

How did you fail today?

Practice those Math Facts

Comprehension Continued

Comprehenion Questions

Comprehension Questions you can ask your children as they are reading independently!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Social Emotional Learning

Here is a great article that summarizes some of the reasons for teaching social emotional learning in classrooms.It is a skill and a skill that kids need in order to be an adult. I tell the kids, whether you are flipping burgers at McDonalds or the President of the USA you need to make eye contact and be able to shake hands!


 Fundations Letter Writing Movies

Several years ago, then Kindergarten teachers, Heather Colwell and Kristie Maheras, created fabulous tutorial videos that demonstrate how to write Fundations lower case letters. Here they are online, making it possible to share with your class, individual students or as a parent resource.